WGBC Members

African Bead Museum, Andy’s Pharmacy, Black United Fund, Boulevard Marketplace, Boulevard Temple, Brazelton’s Florists, CVS Pharmacy, Churchill Block Club, Cole Home for Funerals, Comerica Bank, Communications Workers of America Local 4100, Crossroads of Michigan, Detroit Area Agency on Aging, Detroit Memorial Park, Detroit Public Library Duffield Branch, ECS Partnership – McDonald’s, Fifteenth Street Block Club, Friends of Duffield Branch Library, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Health Alliance Plan, Henry Ford Hospital, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kipling Block Club, Laborers’ Union Local 1191, Lakeshore Engineering, Lewis & Thompson Ins. Agency, Moneta Energy, LLC, Motown Historical Museum, New Center Community Services, Northwestern High School, Northwestern HS Alumni Assoc., POWERlink, Sobriety House, Tabernacle M.B. Church, Union Grace M.B. Church, Virginia Park/HFH Non-Profit Housing Corp., Woodrow Wilson Block Club.

Major Partners and Supporters:  Boulevard Temple, Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD), Detroit Department of Historic Designation, Doing Development Differently in Detroit (D4), Equitable Detroit Coalition (EDC), Dykema Law Firm, Freshwater Future, Ford Motor Company Office of General Counsel, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Kristine Miranne, Ph.D., Consultant to Non-Profits, (pro bono), Lawrence Technological University Dept. of Architecture, Michigan Community Resources (MCR), Michigan State University Dept. of Horticulture, National Conference of Artists Detroit Chapter, Perkins Law Group (pro bono), Sobriety House, Southwest Economic Solutions, Harold Stack, Labor and Workplace Training Consultant (pro bono), Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice (pro bono), UAW Ford.

As a volunteer organization with no paid staff, it would be impossible to conduct business, plan events and execute projects and programs, without our many dedicated members and friends, i.e. office space provided by New Center Community Services enables us to have working space for WGBC volunteers and Board members.  Collaboration with Sobriety House has resulted in the WGBC-Sobo Joint Venture that employs local residents.  Finalized this year, the Joint Venture was accomplished thanks to the pro bono legal services of Dykema (Rochelle Lento, Esq.) and Ford Motor Company Legal Counsel (Kyle Sandefur, Esq.) who also helped the WGBC update bylaws and organizational structure, and obtain exclusive rights to our names and logo.  Their service is being provided through a program offered by Michigan Community Resources (MCR) with the support of Dykema, Ford Motor Company Legal Counsel, and the many legal professionals who understand the value and necessity of insuring legal representation for those who might otherwise be deprived of appropriate and necessary legal services.  Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice (John Philo, Esq.) and the Perkins Law Group (Todd R. Perkins, Esq., and Nikkiya Branch, Esq.), are among this important cohort of socially responsible legal professionals who offer pro bono services to the WGBC and others like the Equitable Detroit Coalition that is a stalwart ally in our mutual fight for equity in community development.

The WGBC Pipeline for Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs was established to connect local residents with employment and business opportunities, and we are pleased to report a new collaboration with Southwest Economic Solutions (Maureen Sheahan and Angela Rayford) to access additional job training, personal finance management and employment opportunities through their resources and relationships, including Focus Hope.

The WGBC is embarking on an exciting new collaboration with the National Conference of Artists Detroit Chapter, (Shirley Woodson), WGBC members, MBAD African Bead Museum (Olayami Battles), Irwin Art Gallery (Valerie Irwin), and the Detroit Department of Historic Designation (Janese Chapman), to develop projects and programs in advance of the opening of the West End Detroit Welcome Center + Art and Culture Gallery.  The Welcome Center will preserve and promote the art, culture and heritage of our West End Detroit (WEdetroit) neighborhoods – Northwestern Goldberg, LaSalle Gardens, Virginia Park.

Mr. Jimmy Settles and UAW Ford have committed to providing resources to secure a building for the Welcome Center, or land upon which the Welcome Center can be constructed.  This commitment is a part of their much larger plan to beautify and serve our neighborhood, as evidenced by renovated Boulevard islands between Poe and Churchill Streets.  (HFHS is renovating islands in front of Henry Ford Hospital.)

The Letter of Understanding signed in May, 2014, by both WGBC/WGBC3 and HFHS/Developers (Kirco Manix and Cardinal Health), has resulted in a commitment by HFHS to make available Human Resources staff to present at WGBC Pipeline Workshops and place attendees of these workshops on a “pathway to employment at HFHS” for positions for which attendees qualify.  The “pathway” will include “advance notice” for openings that fit the resumes of attendees.  The first HR presentation at a WGBC Pipeline Workshop was November 4, 2015, and a follow-up session has been scheduled at One Ford Place for those who attended.  We carry on with the hope that this is the beginning of a long relationship that will produce good employment for the WGBC3 community and good employees for HFHS.  WGBC/WGBC3 have no promising reports regarding Cardinal Health and Kirco Manix but, as always, we are steadfast in service to equity in community development.