Mary & Albert H. Mallory Reading Garden at the Detroit Public Library Duffield Branch

It is the mission of the West Grand Boulevard Collaborative (WGBC) to make West Grand Boulevard between the Lodge Freeway (M-10) and Jeffries Expressway (I-96) safe, attractive, and walkable for residents and visitors.

Our current beautification project (the Mary & Albert H. Mallory Reading Garden) is located on the grounds of the Detroit Public Library – Duffield Branch. This project demonstrates how artwork and sustainable landscape design can enhance outdoors paces to create attractive fresh air-environments for learning and leisure activities.

This project is designed to encourage youth to play a major role in creating a beautiful and sustainable community. Upon completion, the garden will give young people opportunities to engage in environmental conservancy, protection and restoration activities, as well as gain exposure to careers associated with the green economy.

We encourage the WGBC community – businesses, residents, and friends – to support this project by placing a commemorative stone along the historical garden walk to honor the person, business or group (club, church, school, etc.) of your choice.  For more information, please visit our Historical Paver Fundraiser Page.